Maps and maps

The question has often come up: “Whats your route and how do you know where to go each day”?  Pretty simple. I have a gps that we are currently wrestling with that has the entire route on it day by day, turn by turn. Plan B is 61 pages of written instructions with blown up sections of the map when near a big city. On these it has the stop/pick-up point for the day. With both methods of navigation in place I will, hopefully be on track as I follow this ribbon of asphalt across the country.


One Response to “Maps and maps”

  1. Mary Sheeline Says:

    Hi, Mike,

    I just found out about your Run. I’m a massage therapist in Rockland, Maine and just got an email from our professional org called AMTA. It detailed volunteer opportunities for doing massage/sport massage/chair massage, etc. and listed your project as an opportunity for us to get involved.

    I’m thrilled you’re finishing your journey in Rockland. It’s BEAUTIFUL here and you and your volunteers will be well taken care of.

    All best to you, and congratulations!
    Mary Sheeline

    PS. I rode from Oregon to Colorado with Bikecentennial in 1995. I love the long stretches of rodeway in Wyoming and I remember sleepy Rawlins well.

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