Hello Hail, Hello Rain, WOOHOO

Well it is the end of day 3 and I am 101 miles into this journey. It seems only hours ago that I left the beach in Astoria, only hours ago that I crossed the Lewis and Clark Bridge into Longview….Today was winding, hilly tree shrouded roads fro Kelso to Battleground. Gotta love the rain, hit and miss and most of the time it hit me. I haven’t succumbed to my music yet, it has been to much fun with my own thoughts and watching for traffic and thinking about each name. The best part of the day is knowing that there is a host waiting for me and that is a good thing. Tomorrow I will place a flag at Corporal Jeremiah Johnsons high school when I run past. I am staying with his parent tonight and that is an even better thing. There is tremendous love in the reflection of their loss. I am indebted for their hospitality to me and the sharing of their home.The body feels good, the dogs (feet) are barking right now but that is expected. To those who have shown support and sent well wishes from afar…THANK YOU…..off to bed….more later


17 Responses to “Hello Hail, Hello Rain, WOOHOO”

  1. Dusty Hardman Says:


    I just posted a little story about you and your mission on my blog to spread the word about your incredible journey.

    🙂 Dusty

  2. Colleen Woods Says:

    You rock, Mike! So touching how your hosts are guiding yourjourney in so many ways!

  3. Diana Says:

    Go, Mick, Go! Yeah!

  4. Davis Delay Family of Astoria Says:

    Keep on Keeping on Mike! We’re cheering you on! We are amazed by your progress and wish you a very safe journey. Each day as we busy around our little town of Astoria, we see the flags, standing tall on roadside, and we stop to remember. Thank you for touching our hearts…and our little town!

    The Davis & Delay families of Astoria, OR

  5. desiree Says:

    Hey there….i think that your legs can outrun ANY of that lightening!!! Be safe and know that MANY our out here thinking of you along your way….remember the best way to predict your future is to creat it yourself!!! THAT is waht yo uare doing every step of the journey!!! Get rest and EAT LOTS!!! Hugs…des

  6. desiree Says:

    wow…..did i actually write that ….hope you understand it as i reread it!!! I think yo uwill get the point!! lol

  7. Ellie Lizotte Says:

    Step into the Light of Appreciation for yourself…..feel the love..let it in…embrace it !! You are a gift of love to all these families of fallen soldiers. You are an inspiration of hope. May the angels guide you and protect you on this journey of love. We live in Hope….Ellie

  8. Tim Johnson Says:

    Hey Mike,
    It was awesome meeting you last night.
    It blows my mind to see that you’re doing so much for KIA’s like my brother, when you’ve never even met any of them personally. It makes me sit and think hard about how much more I could be doing to honor their memory.
    You’re inspirational to many. Good luck in the rest of your journey.

  9. Trish Says:

    Thinking about you and your journey. Can’t wait to read more!

  10. Dann Says:

    You are doing great, I look forward to watching your trip!

  11. Cresta Woodruff Says:

    I just saw a piece about you on KPTV news. I am inspired by what you are doing and look forward to seeing the flags you place along Highway 14 and remembering the soldiers with you. You will be traveling through my town on Thursday, it looks like. I drive a 20 mile stretch of this road for work every day and will definitely remember each time I see your flags. May God bless you for taking the time and effort to remind us all of the great sacrifices made for us by these brave men and women.

  12. Trish Scalia Says:

    I was very moved when I saw the first round of pictures. Prayers for safety and enjoy the depth of your thoughts as they keep you company on your journey.

  13. Kathy Says:

    Hey Mikey! You’ve now been mentioned in one of our industry e-zines, Running Intelligence, TWICE. I’m so proud…my baby…all grown up and running across America… 😉 See ya in Savanna!!

  14. Megan Strand Says:

    Hey Mike!

    We’re good friends of Brian and Jodi Bea, who sent out a great email with a link to your blog and website tonight.

    Best of luck – we’re rooting for you! Stay safe and stay inspired. Know that you’re inspiring us!

  15. Erika Says:

    We are keeping an eye on you bud! Great job. Give some TLC to those dogs… you need them for a while. Take care, Trent and Erika

  16. Beth Johnson Says:

    I went by Prairie High School today and saw the special flag that you placed in honor of Jeremiah…how amazing it must have been when you turned that corner and saw hundreds of high school students lined up on the sidewalk to honor your endeavor!

  17. Linda Wright Says:

    Thank you for keeping us posted on your progress. Thank you for honoring so many. Take care, angels all around you.

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