Lifejackets, $$$$, and apple pie….

Well Day 8 has come to a clsoe and I am in Hermiston, OR. Left the comforting sight of the Columbia River GForge yesterday and the topography has changed dramatically from rainforest type landscape to wide open rolling agricultural hills. Yesterday had the wonderful pleasure of running with my partner Peggy who even made the long drive with a delicous apple pie!! What a treat!! Spent the night in the Roosevelt Grade School and dinner was provided by my friend Daniel (host) mother…It has been interesting  learning what has made and broke these communities. A town such as Goldendale loses an aluminum factory, Roosevelt has mainly vineyard and fruit workers. Hermiston mainly agricultural. The find of the day yesterday was a red PFD and today 8 cents, which brings my current total to $1.03, along with 42 bridges crossed and 2.5 gallons of chocolate milk consumed. Life is good on the road.  The highlights of the week have been to numerous….Wonderful smooth roads through this beautiful, wet green of Western Oregon and then Washington. Hosts so welcoming and warm. Over 600 students lining the sidewalks in front of Prairie High School in Battleground, WA as I passed by and placed a flag for one of their alumni. The genuine sincerity of everyone has been truly amazing…I relish the though of ice on my feet and chocolate milk at the end of the day and the quiet moments to look around each mile. Today being Mothers Day was particularly moving….somewhere a mother was thinking of her son or daughter and I hope that somewhere from above he or she is smiling down. To all who have sent encouragement I thank you sincerely and deeply…the journey moves on!!!!!


5 Responses to “Lifejackets, $$$$, and apple pie….”

  1. Matthew Mullane (Cousin) Says:

    We have been watching your progress and sending positive thoughts your way. Keep up great progress and stay safe!!!!


  2. jennifer Says:

    as i read your words, i am reminded of a story by an older gentleman i read in the paper years ago. i wish i would have kept it. he took a very long walk in and around benton county, oregon. in the article he spoke about the lost transportation of walking to vehicular traffic and how many things we miss along the way or in our journey of life. he talks about the cracks in the road, the leaves on the tree, the true quiet and stillness of a country road and simply watching the cows actually chew their grass.

    we miss so much in the hustle of every day life today, but those who have lost still remember their pains. what you are doing is moving in many different ways for many different people. you make me(and i hope others) stop and think about what is truly important. thank you!

  3. desiree Says:

    mike your journey and the feelings you share about each place touched and experienced so far is truly moving and so very serile. I cannot imagine what you must be feeling and thinking as each mile passes but i know you, and i know that each person you come in contact with is blessed by meeting you and hearing your stories…..happy you had company along the way too……take care my friend and may God keep you safe, well and content in your days ahead……love ya,

  4. Veronica Hoover Says:

    I think what you’re doing is so awesome! I didn’t even know about it until my friend posted on facebook today that she met you in Hermiston, while giving you a massage. Had I known, I would have stood outside Prairie High School with everyone else while you ran by, showing my support! I hope you have a safe, and fun journey!

    God Bless,


  5. Sue Austin Says:

    I’ve been following you along your journey since it began in Teton Valley and now on the road and every day so touched by the stories of the people you meet, the names and the flags, the people who line the street in support, the images of the country as you pass through shared by your writing, and of course by your great big generous heart and that sense of humor. Hope your dogs are getting lots of TLC and the chocolate milk keeps coming.

    God Bless,


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