Thoughts from the road…..

I get dropped off…….Rain gear on or off? cold? no not yet, feet feel good….sort of, legs? still there…man should have had another cup of coffee, kinda hungry, first mile, i-phone on, check name, damn ground is hard, stick that flag, salute, move on, whoaaaaaa big truck, close! Gotta find a bush, nooooo not yet, wonder if the Cubs won? Wow the Columbia river is big….bushes lotsa sage, green and green, fields and smells, cattle trucks….Thats a big bridge, a high bridge….whew don’t like the interstate….need a gu, need another gu, did I take an alleve? maybe two? oh well, kidneys are strong…chafffffffing, shoulda lubed up….hungry, hungry, find a bush…again….drink more knucklehead…ok eat, ahhhhh mini-mart.. burritos and coffee and chocolate zinggggggg…..another flag, thank you, salute, your parents must be proud, I feel for their loss, are you watching from above? You push me forward….on and on


4 Responses to “Thoughts from the road…..”

  1. Tamra Pavan Says:


  2. Marilyn Thrall Pitman Says:

    Thank you for posting to the blog, Mike. Your project is an inspiration to so many, me included, and following the blog keeps us with you in spirit. All the best!

  3. Suzi Says:

    Love the stream-of consciousness post…and I thought you would get bored out there on the road…sending good thoughts from Tennessee!

  4. David Tapey Says:

    I love this blog! Keep up the terrific efforts in honoring our beloved heros, Mike. There is so much more to this than just running 4000 miles.

    David –

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