Rainy days and Snakes and Mocha

I am now but a few miles from leaving Idaho and I do not expect my experience with the rain and the snakes to end anytime soon. Two days ago as I was somewhere between I-15 and Rexburg, ID I began the count…..1 rattlesnake….dead….2…3….4….5……time out…..I have to make a detour off the road. The rain is  coming down, the stroller wheels sink into the mud, my shoes follow…for the love of God!!! I just have to go to the bathroom!!! To top it off the mosquitoes are out….way to early for here…and devour chunks of my bare skin….more mud and back to the pavement….6….wow, that was a big one………7………….jiminy geezuz what is with the snakes???? The smell of sage permeates the air, the dampness and rain take me back to the days of youth when my brothers and I would play in the street and pop tar bubbles filled with rain….Illinois seems so far away…….I still have remnants of a mocha from 3 days ago in my veins and to tell that story I must set the stage. I was lucky enough to have one night of camping along Birch Creek. A wonderful soak for the legs in cool waters followed by beef bbq, cole slaw and beans and of course chocolate milk and then a fire. My friend Hope brought his expresso maker and the next morning was going to make me a mocha…..butttttttt no electricity. So we zip up the road to Lone Pine. All 13 inhabitants are sleeping, hungover, I assume based on the amount of beer bottles lying around. Hope unplugs the ice machine on the porch of the store and plugs in his expresso maker and proceeds to whip me up the most delicious mocha without stirring up a single slumbering soul….ahhhh the magic of the road, snakes to dance around and coffee to dream about up ahead in Driggs….


6 Responses to “Rainy days and Snakes and Mocha”

  1. Peggy Says:

    Love it!

  2. Jeff F. Says:

    Mike, we’ve not met – I’m a friend of Wally’s in Vermont. Just wanted you to know that there are some easterners rooting for you. Congrats on the 1,000 mark. Your extraordinary commitment is unimaginable – I would need a lot more coffee to even DRIVE along next to you.

  3. Lori Says:

    Hi Mike,
    Well you can have the snakes, at my very many years I still give them a wide berth. I see them I cross the street, Glad to hear you did get your Mocha and the par-tiers slept through it.

    Misquotes well find yourself a Avon lady and get some samples of Skin So Soft, works great ,

    Put the video up on u tube in hopes of more people turning out along your journey

  4. Dave Says:

    Loving your story Mike! Out in the elements… friends, focus, it’s the small things in life so many of us forget to appreciate. You help remind us. May the rain nourish the road hobbits that help lift your feet every step. Promise I have not been smoking something……. 🙂

  5. Donna Mullane Says:

    OMG Snakes!!!!
    Michael, the things you have to cope with!!!! You can handle it you are one tough dude. Cannot wait to hear what’s next. Hang in there. Cannot wait to see you in Il.
    Love and miss ya.
    Aunt Donna

  6. Erika Says:

    Great job Mike! love the stories. it will make for good reading later on. thanks for all you are doing in honor of those fallen.

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